How to View Submissions for Job postings

Once you receive notice of a submission for one of your job postings, you can view the submission(s) by navigating to the Find a Career Page and click on the link for the job you wish to view submissions.

Within the posting, click on the View Submissions button in the upper left. (See below)

view job postings

Viewing applications in progress

Once you click on the View Submissions button, you will obtain a list of applications and their status(es). From there you can click on the blue "Application" button to view the submitted application or view progress on a un-finished application by clicking on the gold "Un-Finished" button.

Note the status dropdown on the right to select New, Hired, Declined, or Reviewed. Once you select the new status. Click the blue "Save" button to the right. You can also bulk update the status of jobs by checking the boxes to the left of the job name and using the dropdown in the upper right.

job applications in progress