Optimizing Job Post visibility

Posting a job is a job on Greater Racine County is quick and easy, but in order to get more people to view your job opening please follow the steps below.   Following these steps will help your job show up in the job searches which is the most common way for job seekers to look for a job opening..

When adding the information to your job posting, getting your post to show up in search results occurs in two ways:

  1. Make sure to enter the proper "clusters" that your job posting is associated with. This means that for instance if your company is a manufacturing company and the position is within the Accounting Department, you would want to add Manufacturing and Accounting as the groups in your company profile.

  2. Add some keywords at the bottom of your description.

    Just simply type "keywords - accounting, manufacturing" as the last paragraph in your post. This allows the search to return results more accurately.