Manage Your Company Profile

The company profile page has been pre populated for you with some basic information.  However, in some cases your profile may contain incorrect or incomplete information.  Please take a few minutes to review your company profile and update as needed.   This won't need to be changed for each job posting but can be changed by you down the road should your company information change.   To get started managing your company profile:

1.  Log into the site using your company admin credentials.

Note-  Log In buttons can be found on ever page of the site in the site header.

2.  Navigate to the Post A Job Page and click on the Manage Company Button:

3.  Choose the company you wish to edit by clicking on the pencil icon to the left of the company name:

Note- If your responsible for managing multiple companies they should all be listed under the Manage Company button.

4.  Review all tabs and complete all fields under the Address, Contact and Info Tabs. 

Note- If you do not complete all the required fields listed under each tab you will not be able to save the updates to your company profile and will get an error message.   If you get an error message on save click through the tabs and look for a required field missing message like the one below.   BE SURE TO SAVE THE CHANGES YOU MAKE to your company profile by clicking on the save button before you leave the page.   You can navigate tab to tab with out loosing information but if you leave the page with out hitting the save button your company profile updates will be lost.   

Users Tab - To learn more about adding additional users  to help you manage your company job postings see the tutorial - Adding additional users.  

Application Tab - To learn more about the application tab see the tutorial - Customizing your application.  

5.  Save you company profile and your ready to start posting jobs.