How To Post A Job

Posting a job is quick and intuitive.  To post a job follow the instructions below :

1.  Log into the site using your company admin credentials.

Note-  Log In buttons can be found on ever page of the site in the site header.

2.  Navigate to the Post A Job Page and click on the Create New Posting Button:

3.  Set the posting and notifications for this specific job post as follows:

Note- as you mouse over these options a tool tip pop up will also tell you what each button does.  To select  that option click on that button.  

1.  On save choose to publish the job posting to the live site or save as a draft

2.  Choose to receive notifications for each application submitted or to retrieve the applications by logging into Jobs In Rock County.  Note, the notification email that job notifications are sent to is set up under the manage company button.  See the tutorial for managing your company profile for more information.

3.  Toggle on or off the ability for the applicant to upload a resume for this specific job.

4.  Complete all the fields on the post a job screen:

5.  Save your job posting by clicking on the save button on the top right corner of the site:

Note-  Once a job listing is completed it can be cloned for reuse or reposted if you have future openings for this position.