Accompanying Spouse Program

Transitioning into a new job and relocating to a new location can be challenging — particularly when there is the added complexity of also needing to find your spouse and/or significant other a new job too. That’s why it is important for your relocation to be as smooth as possible; and that is where Racine County’s Accompanying Spouse Program (ASP) enters into the equation.

Through our ASP, area employers collaborate to position your spouse or significant other on the fast track to securing employment opportunities. Regardless of sector or employment level (i.e. full vs. part-time), employers participating in the ASP place a high priority on candidates that are submitted through this jobs portal.

To participate in the ASP, create an account and then follow the instructions to upload the resume into the system. Once these credentials have been entered, participating members of the ASP will begin reviewing and/or sharing your spouse’s and/or significant other's information.

Move your spouse’s or significant other's resume to the top of the pile and ease your transition into the Racine County market by participating in the ASP today!

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