Extended Learning Program Site Lead

Racine Unified School District | Racine, WI

Posted Date 6/10/2024


Hourly, based on qualifications.

August – June (Part-time); Monday – Thursday; varies by site

Part Time

Position Summary:

To administrate and provide leadership to the Extended Learning Site’s instructional team, and to ensure the fidelity of program implementation and facilitation. The Site Lead acts as the liaison between the school administrators and the Office of Extended Learning.

Essential Functions:

  1. Experience in diverse urban communities. Create an environment where students feel valued and eager to attend.
  2. Interpersonal communication skills to communicate with students, staff, and parents effectively and regularly. Ability to organize and lead a staff meeting and to get up and speak to a large group of students in an assembly-type setting.
  3. Exceptional organizational skills, ability to prioritize workload, ability to create a site-specific schedule and maintain structure/routine.
  4. Coordinate activities for the site, and the use of building facilities when students are on premises, and act as a liaison between building personnel and program office. Frequent communication with the building Principal and at minimum one monthly scheduled meeting.
  5. Coordinate with the building administrator to target students in need of academic intervention and recruit students for the program.
  6. Attend training functions related to the position and share best practice information with staff.
  7. Ensure that all site staff attend all trainings and meetings as required.
  8. Track and report site staff absences and misconduct to the Director of Extended Learning.
  9. Create a collaborative working environment for all site staff. Address conflicts among staff members if the need arises. Seek support from the Director of Extended Learning when needed.
  10. Monitor the requirement for academic activities, structured enrichment and organized play during the after-school program. Ensure that staff are using provided academic materials. Address poor performance if the need arises and/or seek support from the Director of Extended Learning.
  11. Monitor classrooms for student and staff engagement. Address engagement concerns as needed.
  12. Monitor and ensure the care and organization of the site’s equipment and supplies.
  13. Follow the procedures for supply order requests as directed by the Office of Extended Learning. Maintain a pulse on the site's supply budget allotment.
  14. Responsible for the collection of data; attendance, snack documentation, late pick-up fees, behavioral write-ups, and surveys.
  15. Work with the site clerk to record daily attendance according to grant requirements and Extended Learning Office requirements.
  16. Address student discipline using behavior management methods approved by the district. Ensure that discipline interventions are documented and that successful contact is made with the parent via phone call.
  17. Address concerns from parents, school day staff and Community Partners, involve the Principal or Director of Extended Learning when needed.
  18. Actively seek Community Partners and volunteers.
  19. High level of comfort with computer usage including Google Applications, Cayen and Infinite Campus.
  20. Other duties as assigned by the Director of Extended Learning.

Core Competencies:

1. Child/Youth Growth and Development - knows the typical benchmarks of growth and development and uses this knowledge to provide a program that meets the multiple needs of children and youth.

2. Learning Environments and Curriculum – creates a high-quality learning environment and implements age-appropriate curricula and program activities.

3. Child/Youth Observation and Assessment – understands and applies observation and assessment techniques and tools to meet individual needs.

4. Interactions with Children and Youth – recognizes the importance of relationships and communication in the practice of quality child and youth care, and implements guidance techniques and strategies to support children and youth individually and in the group, experiences to develop self-regulation, self-concept, coping mechanisms, and positive interactions with their peers and adults.

5. Youth Engagement - acts in partnership with children and youth to foster appropriate child and youth leadership and voice.

6. Cultural Competency and Responsiveness – actively promote respect for cultural diversity and creates an inclusive, welcoming, and respectful environment that embraces diversity.

7. Family, School, and Community Relationships – builds on respectful, reciprocal relationships across settings to promote optimal development for children, youth and families and to enhance the quality of afterschool and youth development.

8. Safety and Wellness - ensure the safety and wellness of children, and youth by implementing prevention, preparedness and health and safety practices.

9. Program Planning and Development – Supports staff and serves as a role model around professional development plans by building healthy relationships with colleagues and families, providing developmentally appropriate practices, and connecting with and utilizing resources.

10. Professional Development and Leadership – acts ethically, is committed to continuous learning, and advocates for best practices and policies for children and youth.


Employee is responsible for taking all steps necessary to protect yourself and others against occupational accidents, injuries, and illnesses. Employees are responsible for ensuring all work performed meets the highest industry standards and is done in compliance with all local, state and federal requirements.

Employee is responsible for knowing the school's fire, tornado, and lockdown procedures and communicating the procedures to the Extended Learning staff and students.

Note: Each position is offered subject to the right of the Extended Learning Program Office to withdraw due to low enrollment of students and available funding.

Please direct all questions to Extended Learning Program Office at 262-664-6990.

It is the policy of the Racine Unified School District not to discriminate on the basis of sex, race, creed, color, religion, national origin, marital or parental status, ancestry, pregnancy, age, sexual orientation, or physical, mental, emotional, or learning disability in its education programs, admissions policies and practices, or employment policies as required by Title IX of the 1972 Educational Amendment, and Wisconsin Statute 118.13.

Education and Experience:

Minimum of 2-year Associate Degree or equivalent experience in supervising or coordinating youth development or after school programs. Experience in RUSD Extended Learning programs is preferred.

Licenses and Certifications:

No Requirement

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